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Explore one of the most complete Indian instrument sites in the net and find everything about all Indian Classical Music instruments, including a wide variety of sitars and other stringed and percussion instruments from India.


First and foremost we are musicians and it has been our deep passion for Indian Classical Music that has brought us to make this selection of instruments made by the best makers from all over India.


After our first years of life we want to sincerely thank all our customers for trusting us when choosing their instrument. Thanks to every one of you we have been able to grow and make our collection of instruments bigger.


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We hope you will enjoy exploring every section and we invite you to contact us and ask us directly. You might not find what you are exactly looking for in our site, but we will help you for sure!


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Why should I buy at Sitars Encat?


Because we do not only sell sitars but we act as consultant for every purchase of Indian classical instruments, and we only provide professional instruments of guaranteed quality made in India.

We also like our web being a meeting point for all those interested in sitars and classical Indian music, and not only a virtual shop to buy at. A place where anyone interested in classical Indian music can share knowledge, find answers to questions and get difficulties solved.



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Kolkatta series Sitars

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Varanasi series Sitars

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Tabla Sets

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