The Sarangi is a bowed, short-necked lute of the Indian subcontinent. It is an important bowed string instrument of India´s Hindustani classical music tradition. Of all Indian instruments, it is said to most resemble the sound of the human voice, able to imitate vocal ornaments such as gamaks and meend. It is also said to be the hardest instrument to master.

The word Sarangi is derived from two Hindi words: sau (meaning “hundred”) and rang ( meaning “color”). This is because the sound of the sarangi is said to be as expressive and evocative as a hundred colors.


Professional tun wood sarangi handmade in Kolkatta.


20 taraf strings and 4 main strings.


Traditional design


The body back is decorated with detailed floral carvings.


Soundbox covered with goat leather.



Main and top bridges made from camel bone.


Deep and enveloping sound.


Color: Brown


The price includes a fiberglass case, one bow and wax .


Each of our instruments is checked by specialized musicians before dispatch in order to fulfil all the requirements which our buyers expect from them. Once the instruments arrive from India in our warehouse, they are rechecked to verify their perfect condition before proceeding to marketing






  Sarangi + Fiber case:  425 €  + Shipping        

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