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Sitar / Sarod



Santoor / Tabla



Sarangi / Dilruba  Tanpuri



Surbahar / Tanpura





















Santoor / Tabla/ Sarod



Sarangi / Dilruba  Tanpuri



Surbahar / Tanpura
















When buying your instrument at Sitarsencat you have two possibilities to choose for the shipment:

          - EMS Speed Post (air mail). This is our cheapest, basic service door to door. In the unlikely case of damage of the instrument there will not be any economic compensation.

          - FedEx: the fastest and savest option, also door to door and including insurance, in case of damage we can refund up to the total cost of your parcel.


If you are using theapplication to buy an instrument: the default shipment contracted is by EMS Speed Post, in case you want the shipment by FedEx please tick the option to confirm it and the difference of price will be automatically added to your budget.



                                               FedEx Sitar



                                   FedEx Tabla/Santoor/Sarod



                                 FedEx Sarangi/Dilruba/Tanpuri




For Central and South America shipment can only be contracted through FedEx, please contact us. Budget on request.


-For accessories and small pieces we will use the regular mail. The fix rate of that service is 10€ ( any number of items but total weight lower than 1kg).


Do not hesitate to ask for our advice if you have any doubts regarding the shipment, we will kindly help you!



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