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Do you want to customize your sitar? In Sitart we show you how to do it: we put at your disposal a wide variety of inlays making it easy for you to customize your instrument. Thus, you can really participate in your sitar making process, according to your  preferences  and, moreover,  to your personality.


We know how important it is to feel that your sitar is exclusively yours, defining yourself not only through the desired sound, but also through its appearance.Only with the instrument that defines you can you show yourself through its music. We want you to participate designing your sitar, so here we show you how.


Choose the design that suits you the best in the following link, and it will be inlaid in the neck’s headstock or in the tabli.




The inlays offered are made of mother of pearl or abalone, manufactured in Vietnam. These materials cannot be found in India but there are only imitations available, which will never get the quality nor the beauty of the real ones. This makes your sitar a really exclusive piece.



Through the history of Sitarsencat  we have been working with Luthier Supply for that kind of jobs, and due to the good results obtained we are now ready to show this section to you, linking you to their gallery directly.

Once you have chosen the design that suits you the best, let us know it and we will send you the budget of the inlay+work.


Do not hesítate to contact info@sitarsencat.com for any question.