> Custom Works BASICS




Find below, step by step, all the basic options available to create your own instrument:



1-The wood: teak or tun.


2-Carvings: in tabli and/or tumba.

You can choose any of the desings you will find in our “Varanasi series” and mix them at your own criteria. You can, for example, get the carvings of the tabli as in our “Kharaj Teakrose” and do the carvings of the tumba as in the “Makara”


3-The pegs: simple or decorated.


4-The tabli: it can be of medium (13.5 inch) or big (14 inch) size.

The tabli’s size is usually choosen according to the musician’s size. You will need a big tabli if you are tall, but if the tabli is too big it will make you adopt a wrong position while playing.


5-Upper tumba: you can add it or not. Moreover, you can choose it simple or with extra decoration, as the one shown in our “Makara” pictures.


6-Neck’s headstock: Standard as in our “Kharaj Pancham” or woth floral carvings as in our “Yamuna”.


7-Penwork: Standard or with any design such as an “Om” like in our “Kharaj Teakrose”.


8-The final polishing: 2 colours are available: natural and dark, choose the one suits you the best!


9- The bridge: You can choose the material you wish to have the bridge done, but most of the people leave this point to the maker who, together with our supervising musicians, will choose the material that goes best with every piece.



We can make the sitar you have created with material and designs that cannot be found among the examples that can be seen in our site, all we ask for that is that you provide us the best material you can get: pictures, photoshop designs, etc… do not hesitate to make your proposal!