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All designs you can create with photoshop (or any other similar tool) are welcome and will actually be a great help to create your own sitar.

Your photoshop design, of high quality and good definition, will help our makers more than any explanation to reproduce your ideas.

To have an example of the design wanted is of great help for any specific work such as inlays, carvings, penworks… and moreover for designs that cannot be found in our site or those difficult to be found in India.

Do not forget that every element of the sitar is handmade, thus we cannot guarantee that the design given will be reproduced as an exact copy. But we do guarantee that we will do our best to get the most perfect reproduction.

Here you can see the designs one client made with photoshop for his sitar, we will show you the result soon!





Penwork: “Infinite Knot”




Mother of pearl inlay: OM at the  neck’s headstock.