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 -All Varanasi Series sitars, with the exception of the “Student” and "Standard" models are constructed from 25+ years aged tunwood, or with the finest seasoned teak wood from Burma.


 -The quality of sound is the same for every model. Price variations are only according to the  complexity of the decoration, carvings, etc..


 -The bridge is made of camel bone and the jawari is semi-closed, please specify any desired variation of these features.


 -Depending on the model delivery time can  be from 5 to 12 weeks.


-All models come with 13 sympathetic strings.


-Choose the final polishing of your Varanasi Series sitar: natural, darker or black. 


-The kuntis are made of sheesham wood (rosewood).


-Extra upper tumba available for all  Ravi Shankar style sitars.


-Varanasi Series sitars have a thick tabli, which guarantees an instrument for your whole life.


-Each and every one of our sitars is checked by specialized musicians 


-Nitai Chandra’s sitars include a complete set of accessories made up of a fiberglass case, a mizrabs set, a tuner-key for taraf strings, a strings set and a spare string coil for frets.




 -Additional information in the following links: FAQ, Terms and Conditions, Custom Works, Shipping Rates.



Varanasi Series is a compilation of the best quality sitars available in India, you can spend more money but you won’t get a better instrument.