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rikhi ram 50's



The rarest piece from our collection now for sell.


This uncommon "sitar" made by the late Rikhi Ram during his first decade since he established his workhop in Delhi is a work of art itself.  The whole instrument is fully decorated with intrincate ivory inlays and its carvings show us a clear pakistani influence. With no doubt this awesome instrument is a piece of history which speaks about an important period of transition in the RRam's shop.


This instrument can not be defined properly as a sitar due to its bigger dimensions, it is an hybrid between a sitar and a surbahar. The instrument's neck is wider than an ordinary sitar and its tumba is huge, it can hardly fit in an ordinary sitar case! Its total lenght is around 145cm.


The instrument, as it can be seen in the pictures, is preserved like new. It was a very rare and unique order made to Rikhi Ram who took over 2 years to get it ready. The instrument was preserved in its case for more than 40 years and rarely played. 


We feel really sad to part with this one as for us it has been for many years "the apple of our eyes" . However we hope it will find a new owner who will take care of it as well as we did.
















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