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Nitai Chandra Nath sitars

Tarak learnt the art of making stringed instruments from his father, the renowed maker Nitai Chandra Nath, with whom he works in their small workshop located in Varanasi's heart.
Musicians from all over India come to their workshop to order their instruments. We found among his most popular customers big masters like Ud. Imrat Khan,  Pt. Budhaditiya Mukherjee, Ud. Bahauddin Dagar or Pt. Pushpraj Koshti.
They have been for years (first the father, Nitai, and nowadays his son Tarak) the instrument makers of Benares Hindu University (BHU), one of India's oldest and biggest universities, being in charge of the manufacturing and maintenance of the students and teachers' instruments.


 "I initially did not expect to get such a top sitar. "Big makers" often want twice this amount for their sitars, but at the same time do not necessarily offer a quality above this level" M.Q / Germany

















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