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Hemen Sarod 50's- Baba Allauddhin Khan Style


This instrument has been part of our private collection for ten years, sadly we have decided to part with this one and now we only hope this incredible piece representative of an incredible era for the ICM will fall at the right hands of a private devoted player/collector or into a  museum who will take proper care of it.
This instrument has an unvaluable historical value due to its rarity. The sarod was comisioned during the 50's to Hemen Sen by an student of the legendary Baba Allaudin Khan and we can assure very few were the 9 strings sarods comissioned to Hemen during that golden era. Despite we can not confirm the veracity of this report we have been told by renowned sarod players in india connected to the lineage of Baba Allaudhin Khan, no more than 4 or 5 sarods like this kind were made in older times by Hemen......in any case, based in our experience, we can assure that, a part of Baba's sarod, this is the only vintage 9 strings Hemen sarod we are aware of.
This exclusive piece is kept in our workshop in Barcelona and worldwide shipping is available. Shipping cost will usually comes around 100 euros to any country in Europe and around the double to the USA. Asian customers contact us to request a quote. Thanks.






















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