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Black Limba / Claro Walnut Sitar






The very first sitar of our Deluxe Series section!


This instrument has been built by Radhey Shyam Sharma. The woods used were a combination of curly black limba wood for the front part and curly Claro Walnut for the back. The Walnut's density keeps a more stable structure of the whole instrument while the African Limba (defined by some luthiers as a super-mahogany) gives the instrument a clean sound with a strong base. The taraf response is very effective and lasting.


Its main bridge and taraf ones are made out of African blackwood. The Tar gahan and Meru are carved from buffalo horn. The lotus main pegs setted in this model were finely carved from Indian Rosewood while the taraf ones were made out of Indian ebony. The latter were laser carved with an original lotus pattern in harmony with the whole instrument.


We used materials such as black celluloid and ebony in the inlay work. Finally some additional inlays with Purflex Dwende-3 were added to the back of the main tumba to highlight the beauty of this extraordinary instrument.


The look of this sitar is restrained, elegant and totally unique due to the incomparable beauty of the impressive curly woods which we used to build it.