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Meru and Tar Gahan



The most beautiful meru and tar gahan ever made are now available at Sitarsencat. They are carved in a wide range of organic and synthethic materials with stunning designs made specially for us. Take a look and delight yourself, you will not find them in any other website.









      Swan meru in buffalo horn : 22.5 euros

     Swan meru in bone: 28 euros










      Ganesh meru in buffalo horn : 25.5 euros

     Ganesh meru in bone: 31 euros

Ganesh meru in cocobolo: 32.5 euros










Dragon meru in bone : 32 euros

Dragon meru in Juma® : 46.5 euros








Makara meru in Elforyn®: 58.5 euros











Deluxe tar gahan in buffalo horn : 12.5 euros

     Deluxe tar gahan in bone: 14 euros

     Deluxe tar gahan in cocobolo: 15 euros

     Deluxe tar gahan in Juma®25 euros