js custom sitar


This sitar was custom made for a client who decided to cancel his order when the instrument was almost finished so we have it in stock ready to be shipped


This Nitai Chandra sitar was made according to some special requirements as it is the lotus design in the tabli and tumba which are characteristic of Radhey’s instruments and the same rose pattern penwork in the celluloid as the one shown in our Nitai’s Kharaj Pancham model.


The main and taraf bridge are made out of extremely hard hippo ivory and the two upper bridges(meru & tar gahan) are nicely carved as shown in the pictures . In addition to it several bone lotus carvings were finely inlaid in the main pegs of the instrument, the final looking of this sitar is fantastic and it just sounds as nice as it looks. The black nylon fret thread used in this sitar is exceptionally strong and more resistant to abrasion than the one commonly used in India.


Regarding its sound we must add it is with no doubt, one of the best sitars we never got before from this maker. It has a nice resonance and a big volume with a superb taraf response in all notes in any octave. Be sure when buying this instrument you are getting a top grade concert sitar no easy to find nowadays. 


SOLD!! Keep in mind this instrument can be custom made according to your specs! Contact us for additional info.


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JS custom sitar+ Fiber case:  1695 € + Shipping