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P & Brothers 60



Rarely have we seen vintage sitars more accurately built than P and brothers instruments and this particular piece is a clear example of it.


Together with Hiren Roy and Naskar these instruments are probably some of the best sitars crafted in Kolkatta but P and brothers instruments are darker sounding instruments in comparison and it is due to its massive construction.


These are instruments made to last: they are heavier and more massive compared to instruments from other makers from the same period ....these sitars seems to be almost indestructible, they are solidly built in all senses.


This particular instrument is an impressive piece with stunning carvings and a very unique celluloid penwork.


 The sitar has a medium volume, a very good sustain due to its thicker tabli and a notable taraf response. We need to mention this instrument has been unplayed for at least 40 years; its actual sound is already very good but it still needs to breaks properly to get the sound still more alive so, its future owner will need to play it regularly to awake all its suppressed potential. This is the perfect candidate for  a devoted player looking for a definitive instrument.