This is a really well preserved Hiren Roy sitar, as far as we know this instrument is dated from the end of the 80's.

The instrument is preserved in mint conditions and the original bridge made out of horn has been preserved in good shape too, this fact make us consider the instrument was not really much played by its original owner. 

We have just enhanced the beauty of the instrument adding to its wood a thin coat of dewaxed shellac, which gives a general mat appareance to the full instrument.

Its Jawary is the original one too, probably performed by Hiren Roy few decades ago. It is a very open jawary according to Ravi Shankar style and will suit well any devoted follower of this Gharana. It is a a solid instrument with a very high volume and a very effecive taraf response, apparently the last vintage HR sitar we will get this 2017. 

This instrument will be shipped from Europe and the shipping cost to almost all countries will be of 125 euros, around the double to the USA. Any extra bridge can be adjusted on request according to your specs.

For any other info you may need do not hesitate to contact us.