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Kanailal Brothers 1950




We feel happy to add in our vintage section this wonderful instrument made by the legendary Kanailal. The instrument has been recently restored at our workshop and we can not feel more happy and surprised with the final result.


Despite the fact sound quality is often described as a a subjective matter, we can assure, you will not go wrong with this particular piece, this is  unquestionably one of the best sitar we ever had for sell.


No defects are noticed in the instrument's structure: neck is perfectly straight and tabli is kept in optimal conditions.


Tabli and neck are both perfectly balanced, one can feel it very easily when playing this work of art. The optimal and accurate construction in combination with the extremely aged tunwood used, give life to a very resonant instrument in perfect balance with volume, taraf response and sustain...we need to emphasize taraf response is extremely responsive in all octaves.


Its scale length allow to pull notes extremely easy and it has a range of 5 notes when pulling which is a higher range than older  Kanailal versions.


This is currently a 7 strings Ravi Shankar style sitar with a 3/4 closed jawari but it could be easily converted  by yourself to a Vilayatkhani sitar as its tonal qualities make of it a perfect candidate for both styles.


I encourage to any serious player in search of a defintive instrument to really consider this fantastic piece. As said, you will not go wrong choosing this instrument and, on the other hand, you will be getting a piece of history from the most remarkable sitar maker of all time. To all customers asking for advise I openly guarantee this is the best sounding sitar we currently have in stock. Cheers.