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                Ct#1                                              Ct#2


Peg Ct#1:  8€    Complete Set (13 piece):   80€   

Peg Ct#2:  5€    Complete Set (13 piece):   50€






               Cs#1                                       Cs#2


Peg Cs#1:  10€    Complete set (7 piece):  55€

Peg Cs#2:  9€      Complete set (7 piece):  45€




Mizrabs of guaranteed quality and durability brought from Varanasi. As important as your instrument, it is to play with a Mizrab which perfectly adjusts to your finger and you feel comfortable with and at ease wearing it. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a specific size.



             M#1                  M#2                   M#3                    M#4                 


Mizrab M#1 (standard):  1.5€                                       25 unities:  20€

Mizrab M#2 (with plastic protection):  1.5€              25 unities:  20€

Mizrab M#3 (with brass protection): 2.0€                25 unities:  25€

Mizrab M#4  (extra brass protection): 2.5€             25 unities:  30€





The main bridge of the sitar, is one of the most important parts that make up the instrument. It consists of two parts: the bottom one which serves as the connection to the tabli of the sitar, which is made of wood; and then the top one which is the strings support and the one defining the final sound of the sitar. One of the most common materials used to develop this upper side of the bridge is the camel bone (for its striking similarity to ivory once worked) but it can also be found made of ebony, and finally, antelope horn (preferred by many for its resistance).

          JW#1                     JW#2                 JW#3               JW#4

Horn bridge JW#1:  45€

Ebony bridge JW#2:  40€

Camel bone bridge JW#3:  33€

Red Sandalwood bridge JW#3:  38€




Hippo ivory is the hardest ivory on the planet thus it is not an easy material to work with. Legal ivory is expensive and it can’t be heated up to high temperatures so all bridges are carefully sawcut by us in order to avoid any cracking. Legs are made with medium density exotic woods.

These bridges have a unique sound which is extremely clean and sweet furthermore they are super-resistant to friction, they will last for months even years until a new jawary will be needed.


These bridges come from legal ivory and a copy of its CITES document will be attached with your purchase. Even though we are working to get the documents to sell them worldwide, nowadays and due to international restrictions we can’t send them out of the UE sorry.


Example of a Hiren Roy sitar fitted with an hippo ivory bridge HERE







Hippo ivory bridge sitar (set):  125€


Hippo ivory bridge surbahar (set):  175€





Horn taraf bridge SB#1:  14€

Ebony taraf bridge SB#2:  12€

Camel bone taraf bridge SB#3:   9€

Red Sandalwood taraf bridge SB#4:  12€ 



              UB#1                              UB#2

Upper bridge UB#1:   10€

Upper bridge UB#2:   10€






It is ideal to tune the sympathetic strings of your sitar. Help yourself with this tuner and save time and effort when the tuning pegs of your sympathetic strings rotate with difficulty or when they are too close to each other. It is made of Varanasi turning and polished wood.




Wooden Taraf Tunner T#1:  12€



Buffalo Horn Taraf Tunner T#2:  19.50€





This is the traditional kind of strings used for sitar frets.

Material: silk

Color: saffron

Features: elastic and very strong.




String coil for Frets St#1:  6.5€








             TB#1                        TB#2


Ball micro tunner TB#1:  1.50€

Swan micro tunner TB#2:  3.50€








Brass Frets FR#1:  3.5€         Complete Set (20 unities): 62€






Bone support BS#1:  1.50€






Bridge for Tumba WB#1:  22€





Get extra volume and change you sitar looking adding a top tumba. They are available in wood or natural gourd, decorated  with fine carvings.

                TM#1                            TM#1



Top Tumba made of natural gourd TM#1:  128€


                  TM#2                             TM#2

Top tumba made of wood TM#2:  92€





Book “The sitar” by Manfred Junius: History, Raags, technical basic exercises, tuning….


Book “The Sitar” by Manfred Junius MJ#1:  14.50€




Book “New instrumental compositions for North Indian Music” by Anil Mihiripenna MJ#1:  24.50€








DVD “Learn to play sitar Vol 1 / Vol 2 ” by B.Sivaramakrishna Rao: 14.50€